The Choice Eaters


Politicians and other shysters take up and use the Choice that others have abandoned, and they encourage others to abandon their own Choice so that it’s easier for the Choice Eaters to consume. They are like carrion fowl: they consume the corpses of abandoned Choice. Some few of them know well what they’re doing. The rest are just chumps, following “conventional wisdom.” But, you know, even the chumps will eat your Choice if you abandon it.

Wake up my fellows!! Cease baring your necks to the vampires who presume to choose for you, be they willful or deluded. You GIVE them your blood willingly in the name of fear, ignorance, obedience to authority, whatever. You sacrifice your will, and so give them the power to consume your very substance, to lead you like sheep to the shearing, or cattle to the slaughter.

You abandon your Choice without a thought, because you’ve been trained to do so. From childhood. I’d have to say on purpose. By those who consider that they own your Choice, and by their unwitting followers. Now you think that you’re blind and have to be lead, “whether you agree or not.” But I propose that it’s really just a matter of opening your eyes.

It’s Yours

Own your Choice. You can do it if you choose. You don’t have to, but you can. It IS your choice. Take it back.

It’s easy. You don’t even have to do anything different as far as others can see, not if you don’t want to. Just stop thinking “I have no choice”! That is never the case. In fact, it may well be that Choice is the only thing that you really do have!

Do you choose to obey because you’re afraid? That’s okay. Just know that that’s what justifies those choices you make. It really is okay, as long as you honor the fact that you are choosing.

Do you choose to follow along because you think others know better than you? Fair enough. Admit that you’re uncertain, but that you are choosing to follow. That is just the truth of it. However, consider this: Are they leading where you want to go? Do they really even know where they’re going and why? Or are they just following others who are following yet others, who also don’t know where or why, except of course for the stories they’ve made up to try and make silly things seem reasonable? If you find that you’re doing that, too, fine. Keep doing it if you like. Just realize that Choice is yours, always.

Choice Awareness Day

For the sane and able, every day is Choice Awareness Day.

Do you find that embracing Choice is a bit scary or difficult or confusing? Be patient. Take whatever time it takes to get yourself comfortable with yourSelf. It is worth it. Just start. Just remember that you do choose. Notice it from time to time. It’s always there, Choice is. You don’t have to do anything with it. Just notice it. Remember what it feels like to make a considered choice, one that you made because you wanted to, rather than because you had to.

Notice others choosing. See others subconsciously choosing to follow others because “That’s just what you’re supposed to do.” Notice when you yourself are doing the same thing. Just notice.

Embrace your own fear, uncertainty and doubt. They are yours, after all. You chose them in the first place, even if someone or something cornered you into doing so. It is you that gives them power. Welcome the fear, the uncertainty and the doubt. You did invite them, you know. Then let them go. Or not. Whatever you choose is fine.

If your conscious choice doesn’t seem to respond to your direction, don’t worry. That’s just the power of other choices that you’ve made, getting in the way. Don’t fight yourself! Just say, “Hello, Self! Welcome!” and allow yourself to become whole again, contradictions and all! You don’t even have to identify what the exact counter-choices are. Just embrace them. Realize that whatever is restraining your Choice from responding to you can only be your Choice in contradiction. Embrace it all. Cherish the contradiction as you’d cherish a loved one. And like a loved one, let it stay or go, whatever it wants to do. Allow it back, like a water drop into an ocean. You are the ocean . . . and the drop.

You know, you don’t have to fight the Choice Eaters.

Just starve them.

John Ferguson