Qanon? My Predictions

I’ve been following the “Qanon phenomenon” for a several months now with great interest. I remain undecided as to its bono fides.

It purports to be a military-intelligence operation in coordination with the Trump administration, designed to systematically expose national and international corruption and wake up the populous, so that power can be wrested from a nefarious international cabal(s) and returned it to individuals and nations. In bringing about a “Great Awakening,” it hopes to avoid complete despotism of world government on the one hand, and bloody revolution on the other or (more probably) both.

Is it really that? Or is it something else –- a “conspiracy theory,” a LARP, a heinous plot of deception springing from the dark underbelly of the anonymous internet? Whatever it actually is, it is time to admit that it is SOMETHING, and that it is being effective in disrupting fixed views of the world. It is stirring more and more people to acknowledge their dissatisfaction with the status quo and start coming together in common cause to exert their individual will on their environment. I’m not sure how that is a bad thing, at least from my own view of the world, whatever side one falls down on politically. In any case, it is definitely fascinating.

I urge us all to be humble and recognize that – as much as we are inclined to fit the facts into the worldview we expect or wish for – jumping to conclusions is a fool’s error. And who can honestly say that they haven’t been such a fool far more than they’d ever like to admit, right?

All that said, I have a personal urge to go on the record with a set of predictions. I feel certain that sometime soon someone from the mainstream media is going to have to ask President Trump “The Question” in a public where both the asking and the answer cannot be ignored. I find it completely fascinating that The Question has yet to be asked in that way. After all, it seems that recent attacks on Qanon in the mainstream press have only been exceeded by attacks on Trump himself.

The Question? “Mr. President, first, is Q real? Second, will you tell us what you know about it?”

So my specific predictions are as follows:

• (a) The Question will be asked, probably before mid-January, 2019.

• (b) The answer to the first part will be “Yes.”

• (c) The answer to the second part will be “No.”

Do we not live in interesting times?

John Ferguson

7 December 2018