An Invitation to Believe

What if every one of us has in our hands the complete power to make or break the world we experience.

What if the world we share is the aggregate of all our choices, beliefs and expectations, inter-operating.

What if some few envision and work towards a Heaven on earth, where all are empowered.

What if some few envision and work towards a disempowering vision, a Hell on earth, in which they few hold all the power unto themselves.

What if the rest are just adrift, spending the near-infinite power they have at their disposal envisioning, mostly, that they themselves have no access to the power that moves the world.

“Love is that which enables choice. Love cannot be constrained, modified or conditioned by anything which exists, for it has the nature of creation.” - Forrest Landry (The Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom)

Me, I choose to believe in Love, by that definition.

Will you join me?