Episode 13 - The Tech of Hemp, Our Estranged Intimate

– An “Intimate” is someone or something that is not quite Self, but does not have the feel of Other. –

We’re very, very jazzed to be introducing a new series within the Technology and Choice podcast, dedicated to the technology and choices of Cannabis, a plant species which encompasses so very much more than just its psychoactive variety, marijuana.

Co-Host Michael Bright of The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine joins John for this periodic series, to assist in exposing the intimate relationship that this plant has had with Mankind for millennia, how that relationship has been broken, and the technical and social aspects of reunification on into the future.

We just get cranking here by doing a whirlwind romp through a small fraction of the plant’s uses and benefits in such areas as agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, and oh so much more.

Future episodes will track innumerable aspects of the biology and technology of all things cannabis. It’s almost not at all about getting high–not to lessen the importance of that aspect, mind you (we’ll definitely go there in due course).

Be prepared for ongoing fascination . . . and an up-swelling of your own enthusiasm, we’re betting.


Bumper music: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.

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