Episode 15 - Ryan X. Charles, Working to Give You Yours

The hope of Bitcoin enabling fast, frictionless micropayments is one of the promises of the technology that has excited us all. But it’s been a long time coming and, especially in Bitcoin, it has seemed a long way off.

Enter Ryan X. Charles and “Yours.” Yours is a social media platform that will enable true micropayments that can get everyone that contributes value to the platform to get paid, proportional to the value given. Not a new idea, but Yours is about to prove it will happen. Ryan says the tech is solid and will allow Bitcoin micropayments within the Yours ecosystem without changing the Bitcoin core code, and is soon going into public testing on the TestBitcoin network.

There are a lot of ins and outs. Listen and enjoy. And be encouraged.


Bumper music: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.