Episode 29 - The Plumage of Choice

I start off this episode sharing a bit about why I’m doing this series on festivals in general and the One Love Festival in particular, and why it’s important. Part of this is a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of abandoning existing systems and technologies prematurely, in an effort to use new social systems and technologies to improve on or fix existing ones. There’s a balance to be struck. Food for thought.

Then I share a delightful interview with Melanie Davenport and her husband, Nick. Melanie and Nick are avid festival goers and share why. They also are vendors at festivals, where Melanie shares her custom clothing creations, Gypsy Spirit Apparel, designed especially for the needs and wants of other enthusiasts. There are specific needs and her adaptation of the technologies she uses is interesting.

We also talk about their introduction to cryptocurrencies and the appeal to this community, and how it can help it evolve in desirable directions.

It was a great pleasure to visit them in their home and get to see Melanie’s operation. See the links below to get access to what she’s about. Nick, too.


Bumper music: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.

Gypsy Spirit Apparel

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Melanie’s Etsy page

Melanie on Instagram

Nick’s Instagram

One Love Festival site

Technology & Choice Subscription page