Episode 35 - Open Source, Debian and FreedomBox, with Jonas Smedegaard

Jonas Smedegaard has been part of the central team that maintains the Debian operating system for many years. Debian is a very important part of the open source ecosystem with a core team of about a thousand, with tens of thousands of contributors. Many other projects benefit from the work done by the Debian community.

In this conversation, we discuss open source in general and a lot about Debian and where it fits into the landscape.

We also explore the FreedomBox project. FreedomBox was envisioned about eight years ago by Eben Moglen, a hero in the battle to liberate public encryption as part of the of the Free and Open Source Software Foundation.


Bumper music: Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod.

Debian’s home site

FreedomBox site

FreedomBox Foundation