Episode 36 - Creator and Created, a Conversation

As the creator of something, do you give it life? As a fiction writer, does a story acquire a life of its own? As a software programmer, do you sometimes feel that what you’re creating has something to teach you? Is your creation of any sort just something you do and have done, or do you nurture it and query it about what it needs to succeed?

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my old friend, Robert Worstell, on his farm in Missouri, after 20 years of not seeing each other in person, but 15 years of regular communication and collaboration.

This was a very meaningful and useful time for us both, and I hope our conversation conveys some fraction of meaning and usefulness to the listener. We mine a vein of gold here, not just about writing, but about the relationship of anyone with the subject of what he or she is creating. It’s a perspective that applies across the board, whether one is a writer, a programmer, a salesperson or carpenter, etc.

We hit on something very interesting regarding the intersection of technology and choice which I, personally at least, found quite profound.

Enjoy. And consider how the mechanics discussed here might apply to what you do and what you create.


Bumper music: Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod.

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