Episode 38 - The Mid-Terms Through the Looking Glass

A rather historical event in the United States gives us an interesting opportunity to examine a bunch important dynamics through the lens (or “Looking Glass”) of Technology and Choice as a tool.

There may never have been a time, not only in the United States but the rest of the world, when we have been so connected and yet so polarized at the same time. Whether you hold to the old Chinese curse (“May you live in Interesting Times”) or not, there is no question that we do live in interesting times.

While a listener may be able to guess the co-hosts’ political inclinations, this episode is not about that. It’s actually much more about what we all have in common, and how the interplay of technology and choice can help us understand what’s happening and effectively use technology to magnify our individual and collective influence.

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Bumper music: Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod.