Episode 42 - Writing Challenge Wrap-up, with Robert Worstell

Our regular guest/co-host, Robert Worstell, and I talk about the year-long project he just completed to train himself in fiction writing, and documenting the process for others who are interested in writing, especially professionally.

We go over what he set out to do, what he did, his statistics, and what he learned. There is so much here that is applicable to learning any subject or technology professionally that it is useful to anyone.


See the notes below for some free material from Robert, especially for listeners, as well a links to a distillation of the important lessons he learned in the process of doing his project.


Bumper music: Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod.

Robert’s free stuff for listeners of this episode

Main link:

9 Key Lessons From A Year of Pulp System Fiction Writing

Fiction Books by Robert C. Worstell - under pen names

Non-Fiction Books by Robert C. Worstell about writing and publishing:

Is the Content Inc. Model a Good Fit for Author-Publishers?

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