Episode 44 - How Decentralized is the Wind? with Jim McCanney

We last talked with Jim McCanney back in March 2018 when he had recently been selected as one of five international finalists in the Water Abundance Xprize. In this episode we follow up to find out what happened.

In addition to that we do a good coverage of the technologies he’s developed to efficiently extract water from the air and, more importantly, how to power the process with his Wing Generator, his game-changing development in using the wind to generate power for any (and almost all) uses. If you are not familiar with his Wing Generator Project, I guarantee that you have seen nothing quite like this. It’s brilliant, and when you get the picture you’re certain to agree.

Then the question is, What are we going to do about it?

If you are interested in pursuing one of the approaches we discuss, contact Jim at his website below, or contact your host at simpleton@safecrossroads.net


Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod.

TC 30 – Previous episode with Jim McCanney

Jim McCanney Science, main site Scroll down left-hand column for Wing Generator data.

Wing Generator and Water Generator video See the Wing Generator in action.